Moving to Florida?


We are happy you are considering moving to the sunny state of Florida, but before you do so, please make sure you research all possible options and read the below information!


Unfortunately, Florida has one of the lowest funding sources for services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the United States.  It is important that you carefully consider your options prior to making the decision to move to our state.


If you live elsewhere and are receiving Medicaid waiver services, your waiver services will NOT transfer to Florida.  You will still be eligible for Medicaid State Plan services after establishing residency in Florida, but waiver services do not transfer from state to state.


The state of Florida currently has a waitlist of over 20,000 individuals waiting to receive waiver services.  You will not be placed in line in front of these other individuals, so it would be best to consider what services you currently have in place and decide if you can do without them if you decide to move to Florida.


It will take about six months to establish residency before you can apply to be put on the waiting list for med waiver services.  At a minimum, it will most likely be seven years before services would begin.


Please visit APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) for more information on services offered, the waiting list, med waiver application, and other useful information.