The Arc of Volusia Adult Day Training Program

Adult Day Training Program

Most of the individuals  we serve participate in our Adult Day Training Program (ADT).  This program is the heartbeat of our agency, and is formally identified by APD as “Life Skills Development – Level 3.”  Our desire is for each individual to experience meaningful activities that further develop their skills of daily living.  Ultimately, we want to see each person become more independent.

We seek to provide experiences that include:

  • A meaningful day of activities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Community outings
  • Job skills training and job exploration
  • Accessing community resources
  • Self-advocacy

These opportunities are provided within settings that are both age and culturally appropriate.

  • Ratios and Environments:  Clients are assessed by our experienced staff, and placed in a group that best fits their current developmental level and abilities.  We serve a wide variety of individuals, varying from those who are already quite independent, to those who require a greater degree of involvement.  Individuals are placed in groups with ratios of 1 staff member to 1, 3, 5, and/or 10 individuals.
  • Individualized Care:  We develop an individualized Implementation Plan (IP) for every person who comes to us for services.  This plan will be developed underadult day training the direction of the recipient, reflecting his/her goals and objectives as they relate to daily living, adaptive skills, social skills, and employment.  This plan enables our staff to develop experiences and opportunities that will be meaningful to the recipient, while providing an appropriate level of variation and interest.

If you would like more information on our Adult Day Training Program, please email us HERE or call our office at 386-274-4736.