The Arc Volusia Adult Day Program – Employment Skills

Adult Day Program – Employment Skills


Pursuing-Meaningful-WorkOur clients tell us over and over again that one of the biggest reasons they choose to come to The Arc Volusia on a daily basis is because of the quality and quantity of the work opportunities available to them in our on campus work activity center.

We work hard to bring meaningful work opportunities on campus for our Day Program clients – and they routinely respond with enthusiasm and dedication.  Every human being wants to feel like their days have value and meaning – and we all feel good when we’ve done something productive with our mind, body, and hands.

Add to that the opportunity to earn a paycheck – and well, you pretty much have awesomeness!

Clients don’t have to work if they don’t want to, and for some it is a day to day decision.  But when they want to, they are able to work at their own pace.  we have discovered that the work projects create some of the most motivating learning opportunities, and contributes to the physical dexterity and continued mobility of some of our most involved clients.

Clients are compensated according to Federal Department of Labor guidelines.