Adult Day Program – Education


DSC LogoAll of the friends we serve have a support coordinator and an individual implementation plan.  That plan provides us guidance regarding the goals, objectives, and dreams of our clients.  As a Life Skills Development program, a large portion of our energies are expended in efforts to help our clients achieve those goals they’ve already identified.  For some that might mean learning to read, or for others it might be learning to read social cues, or managing anxiety in group settings.  We love our clients – and our staff is highly motivated to see them learn, grow, and achieve new levels of independence and self sufficiency.

For 41 years, our clients enjoyed a special relationship and partnership with Daytona State College.  It was a partnership that enabled the inclusion of a robust Adult Basic Education curriculum (ABE) right alongside the rest of our day program activities.  Sadly, the legislature eliminated funding for that program this year, and the service expired June 30, 2015.

In spite of this – WE PRESS ON!  We have retained several members of our ABE team, and will be continuing our ABE curriculum on a rotating basis throughout both campuses.

Within the context of these classes, we are also able to offer learning opportunities on a variety of topics that are relevant to our participants.  These include sessions on bullying, gardening, nature, leisure activities, music, reading, food preparation, clothing care, home care skills shopping skills and more.

Again, the specific offerings vary from person to person – impacted largely by their personal Implementation Plan (IP).  Plans will call for differentiated learning opportunities on a variety of 364subjects…from developing computer skills to letter/number identification, and from reading comprehension to learning to tell time.

We also routinely take participants on excursions outside of the classroom, to maximize what we are learning together.