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In 1962, a small group of Daytona Beach parents banded together and started the work that would later become known as “The Arc Volusia.”  For 53 years, this agency has been  providing unique opportunities for hope, growth, and change to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   We serve our friends with disabilities by providing:

  • Life skill development, with the goal of increasing their independence
  • Educational opportunities
  • Life enriching experiences
  • A sense of purpose & fulfillment

Our Mission:

Providing the opportunity for hope, growth, and change to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community.

Our Clients are our FRIENDS:

Words matter.  We recently sat down with a group of our clients to seek their input about a number of issues.  One of the topics that came up was how we should refer to our “clients” with disabilities.  Many terms have been used by agencies in our field over the years, including:  consumers, clients, customers, and so forth.  After a few minutes, one of our clients with a down syndrome diagnosis said, “How about friends.”  We liked that idea a LOT.  It fits our culture as an agency.  Our clients really are our friends – and we hope to be theirs.  So – as you browse our site you’ll see both terms used – but just know that whenever possible we will use the term friend…and we mean it!

 A Special Thanks to our Community Partners & Supporters!


(Pictured left-to-right (front): Cherie Davenport-Arc, Program Assistant, Butch Costner, Sam Nobles, Briana Farhat-Reynolds, Lisa Millhouse, Christine Selkregg, David Zerra, Kristy Laporte, Audra Burd-Arc, Executive Director, & Willis Walter-Bethune-Cookman, Dean of the College of Education; left-to-front (back) Anthony Burney, Kevin Fullwood, Kasane Gavin, Tim Mirtz, Vincent Dalphe)

Bethune Cookman University Motor Skills Clinic

The Arc of Volusia, Inc. has been partnering with Dr. Tim Mirtz of Bethune Cookman University (BCU) for the past 3 years to provide an opportunity for our program participants to improve their motor skill functions, cognitive abilities and increase their level of physical activity. BCU students work on a 1:2 ratios with our clients to teach them new skills as well as assist them in improving their current abilities.  Each week a group of nine Arc of Volusia program participants attend the 1-hour session working with the BCU students.  The BCU students become the teachers and it is a valued partnership for both groups.  This clinic helps prepare these students for their future careers in the education field while making them aware of the needs associated with varying degrees of disabilities.

This clinic started as part of Dr. Mirtz’s Adaptive Physical Education Class.  His students were required to work with the program participants once a week as part of the course requirements. Despite changes in Dr. Mirtz’s schedule and course offerings, he is committed to offering this opportunity to The Arc of Volusia program participants and his students.  Dr. Mirtz and his students volunteer their time and BCU continues to accommodate the sessions by offering the use of their facilities.  The Arc of Volusia, Inc. would like to thank Dr. Mirtz, his students, and Bethune Cookman University for their continued support of this program.


Contact Us:

Send us an email at achievewithus@arcvolusia.org.